Play Free Ainsworth Slot Games Below

  • Action Dragons
    Action Dragons
  • Action Dragons CashStacks Gold
    Action Dragons CashStacks Gold
  • Amazon Gold
    Amazon Gold
  • Arabian Fire Loaded with Loot
    Arabian Fire Loaded with Loot
  • Arabian Rose
    Arabian Rose
  • Barnyard Bonanza
    Barnyard Bonanza
  • Ben Hur
    Ben Hur
  • Big Thunder King Strike
    Big Thunder King Strike
  • Big Thunder Quad Shot
    Big Thunder Quad Shot
  • Cash Cave
    Cash Cave
  • Cash Hound
    Cash Hound
  • Cash Voyage Money Up
    Cash Voyage Money Up
  • Chiefs Magic
    Chiefs Magic
  • Congo King Quad Shot
    Congo King Quad Shot
  • Cougar Cash
    Cougar Cash
  • Crystal Cash
    Crystal Cash
  • Cyber Cash
    Cyber Cash
  • Desert Hawk
    Desert Hawk
  • Diamond Chief
    Diamond Chief
  • Dolphins
  • Dragon Lines
    Dragon Lines
  • Dragon Lines Super
    Dragon Lines Super
  • Eagle Bucks
    Eagle Bucks
  • Eagle Dollars Dollar King
    Eagle Dollars Dollar King
  • Eagle Rider
    Eagle Rider
  • Electric Nights King Strike
    Electric Nights King Strike
  • Emerald Dream Quad Shot
    Emerald Dream Quad Shot
  • Enchanted Eyes Big Hit Bonanza
    Enchanted Eyes Big Hit Bonanza
  • Flash Cash
    Flash Cash
  • Fortune Falcon Wild Respins
    Fortune Falcon Wild Respins
  • Glitter Gems
    Glitter Gems
  • Golden Dollars Golden Cash
    Golden Dollars Golden Cash
  • Golden Ox Golden Cash
    Golden Ox Golden Cash
  • Golden Wisdom Golden Cash
    Golden Wisdom Golden Cash
  • Grand Bazaar
    Grand Bazaar
  • Grand Circus Lucky Break Extra
    Grand Circus Lucky Break Extra
  • It's Lit Top Pays
    It's Lit Top Pays
  • Jade Emperor King Strike
    Jade Emperor King Strike
  • Jade Tiger
    Jade Tiger
  • Jungle Monkeys
    Jungle Monkeys
  • Kanga Cash
    Kanga Cash
  • Kanga Cash Extra
    Kanga Cash Extra
  • King Chameleon
    King Chameleon
  • King of the Jungle
    King of the Jungle
  • King Ramses Triple Shot
    King Ramses Triple Shot
  • Krakatoa Lucky Break
    Krakatoa Lucky Break
  • Kyoto Warrior
    Kyoto Warrior
  • Light 'em Up
    Light 'em Up
  • Long & Happy Life Pan Chang
    Long & Happy Life Pan Chang
  • Magic Rewards
    Magic Rewards
  • Ming Warrior
    Ming Warrior
  • Money from Mars
    Money from Mars
  • Money Heat
    Money Heat
  • Moon Dancer Wheel Bonanza
    Moon Dancer Wheel Bonanza
  • Mr Driller
    Mr Driller
  • Mustang Money
    Mustang Money
  • Mustang Money 2
    Mustang Money 2
  • Mustang Money Raging Roosters
    Mustang Money Raging Roosters
  • Mustang Money Super
    Mustang Money Super
  • Mustang Spirit CashStacks Gold
    Mustang Spirit CashStacks Gold
  • Norse Legend Lucky Break Extra
    Norse Legend Lucky Break Extra
  • Orca Magic
    Orca Magic
  • Panda King
    Panda King
  • Pearl River Quad Shot
    Pearl River Quad Shot
  • Prosperity Dragon
    Prosperity Dragon
  • Pussy Cat
    Pussy Cat
  • Red Heiress
    Red Heiress
  • Reel Hot 7's Fruit
    Reel Hot 7's Fruit
  • Reel Liberty 7s Classic Quick Spin
    Reel Liberty 7s Classic Quick Spin
  • Rich n Wild
    Rich n Wild
  • Rio Express Rio Grande Rapids
    Rio Express Rio Grande Rapids
  • Rio Riches Stacked Up
    Rio Riches Stacked Up
  • Rise Of The Dragon
    Rise Of The Dragon
  • Roaming Reels
    Roaming Reels
  • Roaming Reels Raging Roosters
    Roaming Reels Raging Roosters
  • Rob The Bank Lucky Break Extra
    Rob The Bank Lucky Break Extra
  • Roma Invicta
    Roma Invicta
  • Royal Diamonds Quad Shot
    Royal Diamonds Quad Shot
  • Royal Swan Quad Shot
    Royal Swan Quad Shot
  • Run with the Wolves Quad Shot
    Run with the Wolves Quad Shot
  • Safari Spirit
    Safari Spirit
  • Sheer Magic
    Sheer Magic
  • Soul Queen Quad Shot
    Soul Queen Quad Shot
  • South of the Border Loaded with Loot
    South of the Border Loaded with Loot
  • Stormin 7's
    Stormin 7's
  • Sugar 'n' Spice Hummin'
    Sugar 'n' Spice Hummin'
  • Sun Chief
    Sun Chief
  • Super Charged 7's Classic
    Super Charged 7's Classic
  • Super Crystal 7s Quick Spin
    Super Crystal 7s Quick Spin
  • Super Hot 7's Quick Spin
    Super Hot 7's Quick Spin
  • Super Lantern 8s Quick Spin
    Super Lantern 8s Quick Spin
  • Super Volcano 7s Quick Spin
    Super Volcano 7s Quick Spin
  • Thunder Cash
    Thunder Cash
  • Thunder Cash Dollar King
    Thunder Cash Dollar King
  • Treasure Spirits Dragon
    Treasure Spirits Dragon
  • Treasure Spirits Phoenix
    Treasure Spirits Phoenix
  • Trojan Treasure
    Trojan Treasure
  • Twice the Diamonds
    Twice the Diamonds
  • Twice the Money
    Twice the Money
  • Vegas Fiesta Grand
    Vegas Fiesta Grand
  • Viking Reign
    Viking Reign
  • Wild Nights Crazy Feature
    Wild Nights Crazy Feature
  • Winning Wolf
    Winning Wolf
  • Wizard’s Wand Money Up
    Wizard’s Wand Money Up
  • Zulu Treasure
    Zulu Treasure

Ainsworth Game Technology Guide

Are you a fan of casino games? Do you love the thrill of spinning the reels and hitting that jackpot? If so, then you need to know about Ainsworth Game Technology. This company has been creating top-quality gaming products for over 25 years and their expertise is second to none.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at what makes Ainsworth Game Technology stand out from the competition and how their products can enhance your gaming experience. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover everything there is to know about Ainsworth Game Technology!

About Ainsworth Game Technology

Ainsworth Game Technology is an Australian gaming company founded by Len Ainsworth in 1995. Len was a pioneer of the Australian gaming industry, having previously founded Aristocrat Leisure Limited, another successful gaming company.

Since its inception, Ainsworth Game Technology has focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality slot machines for casinos around the world. With over two decades of experience in the industry, their team of experts understands what players are looking for in a game.

In addition to creating traditional slot machines, Ainsworth Game Technology has also expanded into online gaming. They offer a wide range of online slots and casino games that can be played on desktop or mobile devices.

What sets this company apart from others in the industry is their commitment to innovation and creativity. They are constantly pushing boundaries with new features and gameplay mechanics to keep players engaged and excited about their products.

Ainsworth Game Technology is a leading name in casino gaming with a long history of producing top-quality products that both players and operators love.

Products of Ainsworth

Ainsworth is a well-known provider of innovative gaming solutions in the industry. The company offers a wide variety of products that cater to all types of players and operators.

One of their flagship products is the A600 cabinet, which boasts sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. It features dual widescreen displays, surround sound, and an ergonomic button panel for maximum convenience.

Another popular product from Ainsworth is the Multi-Game Packs, which are collections of different games specifically designed to appeal to different markets. These packs offer various themes such as adventure, magic, sports, and more.

In addition to this they provide online gaming solutions for real money through its subsidiary AGT Interactive. This includes HTML5 mobile games optimized for various devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, they have developed several proprietary software systems like Power Pay and Bonus Bank that enable operators to customize game parameters based on specific requirements.

Ainsworth Game Technology has a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products that continue to gain popularity among land-based casinos worldwide.

Popular Ainsworth Slots

Ainsworth Game Technology has a wide range of online slot games that are both exciting and entertaining. Here are some of the most popular Ainsworth Game Technology slots that you should definitely try out:

1. Mustang Money: This is one of the best-known Ainsworth slot games, and for good reason. With its Wild West theme and big wins, it’s no wonder why players keep coming back to this game.

2. Dragon Lines: With an oriental theme and plenty of chances to win big, Dragon Lines is another popular choice from Ainsworth Game Technology. The bonus features in this game can be very lucrative if you manage to trigger them.

3. Barnyard Bonanza: If you’re looking for a fun farm-themed slot game with great graphics and animations, then Barnyard Bonanza is for you! It’s packed with bonus features that can help boost your winnings.

4. Cash Cave: This fun-filled online slot game has a bear as its main character who takes players on a journey through his cave filled with treasures galore! With free spins up for grabs, Cash Cave offers some huge payout potential.

5. Roaming Reels: This safari-themed online slot gives players the chance to explore the African plains while they spin the reels in search of big wins! With stacked wilds and free spins also available, Roaming Reels provides plenty of opportunities to hit it lucky.

These are just five examples from an impressive collection of top-quality slots by Ainsworth Game Technology – each providing their own unique experience complete with engaging visuals backed by immersive soundscapes; perfect ingredients for hours upon hours worth entertainment enjoyment playing your favourite casino games!

Ainsworth Product Operators

Ainsworth offers a wide variety of gaming products that are suitable for different types of businesses. Whether you have a casino, arcade or other entertainment establishment, Ainsworth has the right product for you.

Casinos can benefit from Ainsworth’s slot machines which come in various themes and designs to cater to different preferences. These games are equipped with features such as multiple paylines, bonus rounds and free spins to enhance the players’ gaming experience.

Casinos can also make use of Ainsworth’s gaming cabinets which come with interactive buttons and joysticks for an engaging gameplay experience. The cabinets can be customized according to your business branding needs.

Their products are not limited to casinos and gaming arcades alone. Bars, hotels and resorts can also incorporate their gaming products into their establishments as a form of entertainment for patrons.

Furthermore, individual gamers who prefer playing at home can purchase Ainsworth’s online casino games that provide a similar level of excitement as physical slot machines without leaving their homes. Anyone looking for high-quality gaming products that guarantee an enjoyable experience should consider using Ainsworth Game Technology’s offerings.

How to Play Ainsworth Slots

Using Ainsworth products is simple and straightforward. The company offers a variety of gaming solutions that cater to the needs of different customers. Whether you are a casino owner or an individual looking for entertainment, Ainsworth has something for everyone.

To use their products, you need to first identify what type of game you want to play or offer in your establishment. They offer slot machines, table games, online gaming platforms, and much more.

Once you have selected the product that suits your needs, you can then familiarize yourself with its features and functions. Most of their products come with user guides on the game screen that outline how they work and how to get the most out of them.

Always remember to follow responsible gambling practices when using their products or offering them in your establishment. It’s crucial not only for legal reasons but also for ethical ones too- we must take care when promoting gambling activities lest they negatively impact individuals’ lives!

Alternatives to Ainsworth Slots

While Ainsworth offers a variety of gaming products, it’s always good to know what alternatives are out there. One popular alternative is Aristocrat Technologies, which also provides quality gaming software and machines.

Another option to consider is International Game Technology (IGT), which has been in the industry for over 40 years and has a strong reputation for creating innovative games with advanced technology.

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, there is also Multimedia Games, which offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Additionally, Konami Gaming is another great alternative that focuses on delivering top-notch slot machine games while incorporating exciting bonus features to enhance players’ experience.

High 5 Games provides an extensive range of gaming products. Their focus on innovation makes them a reliable choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge technology in their gaming equipment.

It’s important to do your research and find the right fit for your business needs when considering alternatives to Ainsworth Game Technology products.


In summary, Ainsworth is a reputable company that offers various gaming products to its clients. They have made significant strides in the gaming industry and continue to provide innovative solutions for both land-based and online casinos.

Their products are user-friendly and cater to the needs of different users, making it easy for anyone to use them. Additionally, their recipes offer an excellent guide for those who may need some inspiration when using the products.

However, as with any product or service provider, there may be alternatives available on the market. It’s crucial to do your research before settling on which product best suits your needs.

Ainsworth has proven itself as a leader in the gaming industry by offering high-quality products that meet customer needs. If you’re looking for reliable and efficient gaming solutions provider, then Ainsworth is definitely worth considering as your next slot machine to play for free or real dosh.