Top 10 Action & Adventure Free NETENT iOS or Android Slot Games

Games, in general, are soothing and at times therapeutic thus they are great for relaxation and sometimes you might even win a few bucks. When talking about soothing, the first thoughts that come to mind pertain to something slow, calm and methodical of genre. While this is normally the case (in different facets of life), when it comes to slot games, soothing does not necessarily make for a great game in all honesty, the best slot games IMHO are actually fast-paced and chocked full of action and adventure.

Right below we preview 10 great Action and Adventure slot games from NETENT that are a must play on an Android, iPad or iPhone for free or real casino cash. Without wasting much time, let’s jump straight into some games that you should take a spin on for free fun or real money gaming.

1. Archangels: Salvation

Archangels: Salvation is a landmark slot game for one of the world’s leading software provider i.e. Net Entertainment as it is the first game to be developed by Net Entertainment which comes with 100 paylines. This slot has six reels. The beauty of this action adventure slot game lies in the theme.

This game has a heavenly theme which pits the good angels taking on the bad angels. Released in early 2018, players enjoying Archangels: Salvation will get to see up close the heavenly wars. No need to worry though for the player as matching at least three bad angels of the same nature will see them exploding thereby keeping the player safe from harm.

Not just this, but the exploding angels will also leave the player with a generous payout for his efforts with the highest payout standing at a cool 150x line bet multiplier. Apart from the theme, players will also definitely enjoy the Hotspot Bonus which is activated when the wild symbol (lion face with a W) lands simultaneously on the top two reels (heaven reels) and the bottom two reels (hell reels).

Just like most other Net Entertainment productions, there is a Free Spins Feature to look forward to in this online slot machine. The player will need at least three scatters (purple orb with an S) to trigger the Free Spins Feature. Depending on the number of scatters that the player landed in triggering this feature, he will receive 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. The RTP of this unique fantasy themed slot stands at 96.08 percent.

2. Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones is an action-adventure slot released by Net Entertainment in February 2018. For those who are fond of popular legends and folktales, you probably know that most legends come from the Scandinavian countries. In the same vein, this slot game is based on a popular legend (The World of Odin, Loki and Thor) which has its roots in Scandinavia.

First and foremost, we have to say that this theme makes Asgardian Stones one of the best action adventure slots on the market right now. The brilliant 3D style graphics of the slot perfectly accentuate the theme of the game. Just to prepare the players for the action that awaits them when they start spinning the five reels of the slot, this game has an introductory video to waste a bit of your time, nonetheless if you like this game you should like the Davinci Diamonds slot as it has a drop down symbols feature also.

Though short, players get to understand more about the Legend of The World of Odin, Loki and Thor so that they will not be ‘lost’ when they start their playing adventure. While the theme of this online slot machine definitely makes the game a good proposition for any player, there are also other features which make this game the perfect slot. Most notably, there is the avalanche feature.

The avalanche feature sees symbols involved in a winning combination disappearing and in their vacant positions, they are replaced by symbols falling from above. This avalanche feature makes it possible for the player to land numerous winning combinations one after the other hence increasing the profitability of this slot.

Apart from the avalanche feature, this slot game also does have two other bonus features which are the Colossal Crush Feature and the Bonus Wheel. Asgardian Stones slot has 20 paylines. The RTP of this drop down symbol type slot stands at 96.31 percent.

3. Coins of Egypt

Regular players know that one of the most popular theme when it comes to slot games is the ancient Egyptian theme. For beginners, expect to encounter numerous titles that are based on ancient Egypt (i.e. the times of Pharaohs). Though there are literally hundreds of ancient Egyptian action adventure slot games on the market right now, Net Entertainment powered Coins of Egypt is arguably the best but it’s got plenty of competition from the likes of Aristocrats Queen of the Nile 2.

The theme of this slot game is brilliantly accentuated by the exquisite graphics which makes game play appealing and also addictive. Not just this, but this slot game does incorporate a high number of common ancient Egyptian practices as well as tools thus, you will not be exposed to the now banal symbols such as the Pharaoh, sphinx and the like.

Moving away from the theme of the game, the other elements which make Coins of Egypt slot game a good proposition are the two bonus features that are a part of this slot. Firstly, there is the Pharaoh’s Coins Feature. This feature will see the player receiving a random line bet multiplier (from a 2x to a 15x multiplier) whenever a Pharaoh Coin with a multiplier value pops up on the fifth reel. Secondly and most importantly, there is the Free Spins Feature.

This feature is triggered when the player lands at least three scatters (circular golden jewellery) on the reels. When triggered, the player will play a mini-game in order to decide the number of free spins he initially wins. However, during this feature, it’s possible to retrigger free spins; the beauty of which is that the player can retrigger free spins infinitely. Coins of Egypt has 5 reels and 20 paylines of eye candy. The RTP of this cracker Egyptian genre slot stands at 96.97 percent.

4. Jumanji

In 1995, the first and original Jumanji movie was released in 1995 starring Robin Williams – RIP. The original movie is primarily a fantasy action adventure flick but it does have horror elements also. In this movie, two kids locate an old board game. For them, the board game is the perfect tool to help them kill some time but unbeknown to them, there is a darker secret attached to this board game. If you like slots themed on movies you can’t past the epic Bally Titanic slot game.

The moment they start playing, the two kids ‘free’ the life of a man who was trapped by the board game. The only way the two kids can stop the dangers that come with aiding the escape of the man is to finish the game, but that is not entirely easy. Realizing the popularity of the original Jumanji movie, in 2017, a remake Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle movie was released starring The Rock – Dwayne Johnson , this time, four kids locating an old video game console and instead of helping a man escape, they are the ones entrapped.

The only way to free themselves is to finish the game. The popularity of the original Jumanji movie did not just inspire a movie remake, it also inspired a slot game. Net Entertainment, one of the world’s most respected game developers acquired the rights to produce a branded game with the end result being this awesome slot. The game was released in June 2018. Playing this slot, players can expect to encounter some animal characters that are part of the original Jumanji movie.

While the branded nature of this slot certainly makes it a good proposition, there are also other factors which contribute to making this a perfect slot game. These factors relate to the bonus features (5 in total). The five bonus features include Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, Wild Stampede and the Jumanji Board Game feature. This slot comes with five reels and 36 paylines of adventure. The RTP of this Jumanji themed slot stands at 96.33 percent.

5. Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive is a high variance slot game from Net Entertainment. As such, wins in this slot game are far and few. This does not have to turn away any prospective players as the wins when they finally come will be massive. Just to put this into perspective, the highest payout that the player can earn when playing this slot after a successful spin is a cool 3000x line bet multiplier. Unbelievable isn’t it.

What this simply means is that the more you wager, the more you win – well let’s hope so 🙂 Now, we have seen how profitable it is playing Dead or Alive, therefore, let’s look at the other parts of this slot. First and foremost, this slot game is based on two of history’s most prolific outlaws i.e. Jesse James and Billy the Kid. Therefore, when spinning the game’s five reels, expect to encounter some ammunition, guns, WANTED signs and also to see the Sheriff, his team and tools. If you like slot machines with a “Western shoot em’ up” theme then you should take a look at the Ainsworth Enforcer game.

In addition to this, the Dead or Alive slot also does boast of a highly lucrative bonus round. To trigger the bonus round, the player will have to land at least three of the crossed pistol icons (which act as the scatter symbols). Once activated, the player will receive 12 free spins which can be retriggered.

The beauty of this feature is that all wins are doubled Moreover, all wild symbols that pop up during this feature turn sticky thereby increasing the player’s chances of landing highly lucrative wild wins. Dead or Alive slot game has 9 paylines of reel action. The RTP of this NETENT slot stands at 96.82 percent.

6. Dracula

1897 was the year in which the world first came to know of Dracula after the release of Bram Stoker’s gothic horror novel titled Dracula. The novel introduced Count Dracula, a blood-sucking vampire. The novel was highly popular such that in 1931, a film based on the novel was released.

Thereafter, numerous Dracula inspired vampire horror movies have been released. To help players learn more about Dracula while at the same time relieving the whole adventures of Count Dracula, Net Entertainment did seek and receive rights to produce a branded Dracula slot game. In April 2015, this slot game was released and was a big hot with online casino players. If you like slots that are a little on the “dark side” make sure you take a look at IGT’s Black Widow game.

The slot game borrows much of its features from the original Dracula movie. Just to give players a little background info before they start spinning the slot’s five reels, Net Entertainment added an introductory video which introduces Count Dracula and the other popular characters from the Dracula movie.

Apart from the theme, the bonus features which are a part of this slot makes it a great proposition for all players. The bonus features include the Bat Feature where bats will randomly transform low-value symbols into high-value symbols and the Free Spins Feature where the player starts with 10 free spins but can retrigger the free spins infinitely. The NETENT Dracula slot has 40 paylines of blood red fun. The RTP of this exciting pokies game stands at 96.58 percent.

7. Drive Multiplier Mayhem

The title of this slot game does in bit parts expose what this game is all about i.e. driving. In this game, the player has to learn to drive fast and furiously. The cars that the player will encounter when playing this game are truthfully speaking yet to be manufactured hence we can safely conclude that this is a futuristic themed slot.

Don’t be dismayed by that though as your adventure in this online slot machine will be as realistic as you can imagine. While the theme of this slot game is the biggest pull factor, there are also other features which make Drive Multiplier Mayhem a great game. These features include Multiplier Wilds, the Free Spins Feature as well as the Nitro Collect Meter. Drive Multiplier Mayhem has five reels and 15 paylines of high octane fun. The RTP of this “Fast and the Furious” style slot game stands at 96.7 percent.

8. Excalibur

The trials and tribulations of the English Royal Family predate the start of the monarchy itself. In this game, the players are introduced to one of the most popular English Royal Family myths (or some would say period; just so as to dismiss the notion that it is a myth hence cannot be proven as a genuine event that actually happened).

Whether it’s a myth or a fact, this Net Entertainment powered online slot machine is based on the Legendary King Arthur’s sword. When spinning the five reels of this slot game, players will be able to learn all there is to know about the trials and tribulations that surrounded the Excalibur sword; players will learn how it led King Arthur to find his true love while at the same time earning the respect of a large section of his subjects.

In addition, players also get to know how the Excalibur sword led King Arthur to have many enemies. Just as a not, when playing this slot, the Excalibur sword does act as the wild symbol meaning that it possesses the power to substitute for any other symbol on the reels.

Excalibur slot comes with just a single bonus feature i.e. the Free Spins Feature. Depending on the number of triggering icons landed, the player will win 10, 20 or 30 free spins Excalibur has 20 paylines of excitement. The RTP of this Royalty themed NETENT slot stands at 95.08 percent.

9. Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is a popular fairytale which has inspired a number of TV productions (mostly productions geared towards the younger folk). The fairytale is about two young kids who plot an escape from a castle which is owned by a cannibalistic witch.

The fairytale follows the life of the two kids from the time they are entrapped inside the castle, how they escape and their life after escaping. To make the fairytale reach a wider population, Net Entertainment did seek and won the rights to produce a Hansel and Gretel branded slot game with the end result being this slot released in April 2017. Another super fairytale slot to play is the IGT Crystal Slipper game.

Spinning the reels of this slot, players can expect to encounter Hansel and Gretel plus other icons from the fairytale. Besides the theme, this slot also has other features which make it a great action adventure slot to try out.

Most notably, the game comes with a Stacked Wild Feature which sees all wilds remaining in their position once they land on the reels, the Fairy Wonder Spin feature where a random cluster of symbols pops up on the reels, the Fairy Surprise Feature where a random low-value icon is transformed into a high-value icon, the Fairy Wild Spin where two stacks of wilds appear at random, and the Treasure Chest Bonus. Hansel and Gretel’s slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines of fantasy reel action. The RTP of this NETENT Fairy tale themed slot stands at 96.71 percent.

10. Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a fairytale themed slot game which is full of action and adventure. In this slot game, players are introduced to a young girl (who is the protagonist). The girl is on a mission to walk every inch inside a magical garden but in the process, she wants to avoid the big bad wolf.

When spinning the five reels of this slot game, the player will join the young girl on her adventure and in doing so, the player stands a chance of winning some excellent payouts whenever he spots three or more icons of the same nature. Apart from the theme, the numerous (7 in total) bonus features that come with this slot makes it a great game to play on your iPad, iPhone or Android. If you like this game another super fantasy themed slot to take a spin on is the IGT Enchanted Unicorn.

These bonus features include the Beware The Wolf feature, Free Spins Feature, Coin Win, Fairy Magic Spin, Fairy Surprise Feature and the Fairy Wild Spin Feature. Red Riding Hood comes with five reels and 20 paylines of color.

What Makes These NETENT Slots So Good

Every now and then, we all love to take some time to rest and one way of doing this is through playing ‘soothing’ casual games. If you are one such type of person who finds comfort in playing casual games, then this article is for you. In this article we share with you the some of the great action and adventure slot games from NETENT.

One thing you need to note is that the above games are all mobile compatible meaning you can enjoy them wherever and whenever on your iPad for free or real casino money gaming.

** Did you know that many of these NETENT slot games that we mention above might be available to play for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows device with or without an app, or on your PC or Mac. Just take a look at our FREE games page here. **

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