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Merkur Gaming excels and specializes in the design, development & sales of cutting-edge casino machines, AWPs, VLT & SBG solutions for the international gaming markets. The company is mainly focused on multi-games. The core values of this brilliant organization are – Tradition, Passion, and Innovation.

The company develops future proof gaming solutions featuring state-of-the-art & ultra modern multi-game cabinets. The Gauselmann Group who owns Merkur Gaming employs more than 15,000 staff worldwide and has an annual turnover of over three billion euros per year.

Today, Merkur is considered as one of the most forward thinking companies in the global gaming industry. For key details about this company & their featured products, you can take a look at this insightful review.

Brief History & Early Background:

Paul Gauselmann founded this company in 1957. Since its inception, it has grown into a hugely successful & important enterprise in the gaming industry.

Focusing on the commitment of developing the modern leisure entertainment solutions, the company has maintained its quality & worldwide fame. Note, Merkur Gaming has its main headquarter in Germany.

Also note, Merkur sun, an integral part of Gauselmann Group provides individual solutions to the gaming industry. It contains the incredible pool of talent who possess an everlasting desire to develop and distribute various cutting-edge gaming solutions.

In 1986, the esteemed Gauselmann Group opened their very first international entertainment center. Next, in 2006, “Merkur Casino GmbH” was formed to further promote their business outside of Germany. The name of “Merkur Casino GmbH” was changed to “Merkur International GmbH” (in 2011) and “Casino Merkur International GmbH” (in 2014). Now, the company operates around 270 entertainment centers in the European market.

As of now, the company has made a couple of strategic acquisitions in order to accelerate & improve the kind of gaming solutions that they provide to their consumers. For an instance, the company purchased the share of Blueprint Gaming, a multi-platform developer for various digital games (in 2012).

In the same year, Dosniha Gaming S. L. became an important subsidiary of Merkur. Dosniha Gaming S. L. helped the company (Merkur) to make an entry to the Spanish market.

Another subsidiary of Merkur is Edict eGaming GmbH. The acquisition was completed in 2008. Note, Edict eGaming GmbH is a Hamburg-based company that mainly provides technical solutions & products to the online casino gaming.

Today, Merkur Gaming delivers the ultimate gaming experience to their consumers and enthusiastic players. Also, this widely famous company is recognized as a potent symbol of high-quality gaming, innovation, entertainment, and experience.

Popular Games:

The company mainly features a range of popular land-based games, including multi games, online slots, cabinets, jackpot systems, plus VLT and SBG systems. The popular titles of land-based games by Merkur Gaming include Gong-Hei Gong-Hei , 221B Baker Street, 77777, Alhambra, Alpha Sphere, Amazing Awards, Amazonia, Arcane Amulet, Asian Challenge, Asian Awards, Amazing Mr. Sevens and Bali of just a few to mention.

Merkur produce some of the best jackpot linked games up for casinos like the Link Zone, Treasure Link and Solar Link slot machine systems.

Merkur Gaming also develops & operates VLT (Video Lottery Technology) and SBG (Server-Based Gaming) systems. Featuring over ten years of solid experience, the company has developed a total of 20,000 connected machines to satisfy the VLT/SBG needs of their clients.

Summing Up:

Merkur Gaming is a massive portfolio of various fantastic games, high-quality cabinets, various VLT/SBG systems, and much more too. Featuring the proven German quality, the company really makes great efforts in order to offer you the best service & products of cutting-edge gaming technology.

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