GameArt Guardian Lion Slots Review

With rows of 3, reels of 5 and pay lines of 10 in total, this game is worth playing for all iPad slot casino lovers. The pay lines are fixed, and it cannot be changed according to the wishes of the players. The developers of the game are GameArt and it takes one to a memorable journey through China, which is enticing and refreshing in game play.

Quick Start Guide Guardian Lion iPad Slots

The Guardian Lion is an ultimate player in the game, and it helps one to find all the hidden treasures in the game. The environment of China and the vibe makes this game an addiction. China is full of unique art, and it can be seen in this game.

** The GameArt Guardian Lion slots game might be available to play for free fun or real cash on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows device, PC or Mac. Just take a look at our online casino guides here. **

Reel symbols explained

This game is based on symbols of China and those symbols that appear first have low amount attached to them. The cards are arranged from Ace to number 9. These symbols are classic, and they are frequent in their appearance in the game. If you land in one, there are chances for you to win combinations and prizes.

The symbols which should be given priority are Ring, Jade Seal, Door knock in the shape of the head of a lion and also Folding Fan. These are the symbols, which have the highest number of coins to them. These pay lines are fixed, and prizes are prominent in them.

Base game symbols and paytables

    • Lion Statue: The wild symbol Lion will yield you with 9000,2500, and 250 points as winning money.
    • Jade Ring and Lion’s head shaped door knock: This lucky symbol as considered in FengShui fetches 750, 150, and 30 coins in your pocket.
    • Folding Fab: Get 250, 100, or 15 credits with a folding fab symbol.
    • Poker Cards: A and K gives 150,50,10. Q and J provides winning credit of 100, 30 and 10. 10 and 9 card yields 100,25, and 5 points for the paylines 5, 4, 3, correspondingly.

Bonus games and features