Free Play Guide Triple Fortune Dragon Slots by IGT

The gaming professionals at IGT always come out with fantastic concepts in casino games be them the free ones or real money gaming versions they offer. This entire game is based on the theme of Asian cultures – yes this is yet another Dragon themed slot machine for iPad slot players. This game release is simple and easy to play for everyone of all ages.

Triple Fortune Dragon IGT iPad Slots

All the characters and symbols that appear in the layout portray old-age princesses and emperors of East Asia. All the graphics used are very user-friendly and also superb sounds complete game.

** The IGT Triple Fortune Dragon slot game can be played for free social gaming fun or real cash rewards today on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows device, PC or Mac. Learn more at our online casino guides. **

Game reel symbols

The game theme rotates around the presence of 13 of symbols, which play a significant role in the game. The highest amount of coins is 400 and lowest being 50 and one should try to score the highest one. There are specific symbols which carry equal points to each other. The highly scored symbols are panther and tiger, and while playing, you should try to get them.

Base game symbols and play tables

  • Peacock and Panther: The highest amount of coins is attached to these symbols with a total of 500 coins for each of 5 wins at a single go. The next is 150 numbers of coins for 4 wins and 40 for 3 wins.
  • Fish or Crown: The next highest symbol helps you fetch a total of 400 coins in a 5 win match. It is 100 numbers of coins for a 4 win and 20 coins for a 3 win.
  • Poker card symbol King and Ace: This symbol fetches you similar to the earlier one with a total of 400 coins for a 5 win round. 50 and 20 coins can be won by those who earn a 4 and 3 rounds.
  • Poker Symbols: The poker cards like Queen and A jack are considered as the last in the lot. They can give the winner a total of 200 numbers of coins in a straight 5 win.

Bonus Games and Features

  • Wild: The Wild is practically shown in the big and shiny picture, which makes it stand out from the rest. It appears only on specific reels of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. This symbol can be a great substitution of the rest of the symbols, but it cannot replace the scatter.
  • Scatter: The scatter comes in a symbol of a metal which is golden in color. This symbol is included in reels of 2 or 3 or 4. The maximum number of wins in a scatter is 4, and it can multiply from thereof.
  • Free Games: The free spin game is available for the first 10 rounds of the win. A wild symbol can help one in getting a free spin. The 10 number win is a more prominent prize than the rest. The maximum number of times in a free spin is 200, and one can win by multiplying each time. The game includes five rounds of an additional wins to help a player score big pays.

Verdict on Triple Fortune Dragon

The RTP of the game is best if you manage to win more of free spins in the game. This game set in the genre of Asia has a lot to offer to players who have an interest in the backdrop of all things Asian.  We rate this iPad slot game a 7.2 from 10 in our game guide so make sure you have a go on it.

Triple Fortune Dragon Awesome Win

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