Best Aussie and Kiwi Player Online Casinos

With thousands of casinos available for Aussies and Kiwis, players may be a little confused on where to play for real money. Our crew of casino professionals have personally tested and reviewed online casinos for over 18 years so sit back, grab a cold Fosters (if that’s what Aussies and Kiwis really drink) and read our top picks for you below.

To assist Australian and New Zealand players we have selected the best AUD and NZD currency pokies sites right below for you to consider playing at. A small selection offered yes, sadly 98% of online casinos accepting players from the land down under these days are rogues now and just don’t pay players.

Real money players have given these award winning sites below a big thumbs up in our player forums and poll surveys.

These sites have an average 4.6 star rating in our player forums, these are the top rated sites for a wager on the pokies if you are in Australia or New Zealand.