12 Awesome Free & Real Money Bally iPad, iPhone & Android Slot Games

Players looking to have a spin on Bally slots can expect to come across Asian themed, African themed, nature-themed, aquatic themed, ancient mythology themed, retro and sports themed slots among many others. Additionally, Bally in recent times has started rolling out branded slot games meaning players can expect to find slots based on their favourite movies or TV personalities like Titanic, Michael Jackson and Anchorman of just a few titles.

In order to get a better preparation of the brilliant work that Bally has been doing over the years, we have decided to come up with this comprehensive list of the some must play slots that have been developed by Bally Technologies. Before we go into the details, note that all the games we are going to list below are mobile friendly hence you can enjoy them wherever you are on your iPad, Android or iPhone for free or real money gaming.

Cash Wave

What better way to start our list of the great Bally slots than by exploring the highly profitable Cash Wave slot. As can be deduced from the title, this slot game is all about cash! The ‘wave’ part in the title is a reference to the theme of the game as this slot comes with a beach theme. In essence, it is these two factors which make Cash Wave an incredible slot game. The profitability of this slot game is present both in the base game and in the bonus rounds.

In the base game, the player can earn up to a 100x line bet multiplier; considering that the maximum bet amount is set at a staggering 400 coins, it means that the player when wagering with the maximum bet amount can expect to win a ridiculous payout.

Apart from the base game, Cash Wave also comes with five great bonus features including the highly lucrative Wild Sweep play mechanic where the player can land a wild blackout win! Moreover, this online slot machine comes with a fixed jackpot of a whopping 500x line bet multiplier.

The beauty of this jackpot is that all players can hit it irrespective of the bet amount they are wagering with. Even with incredible payouts, a slot would be incomplete without great game graphics hence the exquisite graphics of this slot makes it an irresistible game. Cash Wave slot has five reels and 40 paylines of hang ten fun.

Winning Times

They say nothing beats a classic. This is certainly true when it comes to the Winning Times slot game. In every facet, Winning Times is absolutely an incredible classic game. On the reels, players will encounter all the symbols that are commonly associated with classic slot games i.e. red lucky sevens, golden bells, apples, cherries, plums, lemons and oranges. The beauty of this online slot machine is not just that it is a classic game which takes players down memory lane.

Rather, the beauty of this slot is how Bally managed to employ exquisite modern graphics onto a classic game. The result is the creation of an appealing game which is highly addictive due to the exquisite game graphics. To make the game even more stunning, Bally made sure that this slot is highly profitable, something evidenced by the fact that the highest payout in this slot game is a whopping 100,000x line bet multiplier. Winning Times slot game has five reels and 20 paylines of retro fun.

Super Red Phoenix – Awesome Graphics

Super Red Phoenix is an oriental slot game. The red phoenix refers to the Vermillion bird, one of the well-respected birds in Asian culture which is highly regarded as a symbol of power and prosperity. In order to see for yourself just how powerful and prosperous the red phoenix can be, the player simply needs to set in motion the game’s five reels.

Believe you me, once you set your eyes on this online slot game, you will be mesmerized by the game’s brilliant graphics (both the background graphics as well as the symbols on the reels). The brilliant graphics excellently accentuate the theme of this slot game hence making it a must play game.

Apart from the stunning graphics, there are other features which make the prospect of playing Super Red Phoenix highly appealing. First, there is the presence of highly lucrative bonus features which include the Mystery Stacked Reels, Radiating Reels as well as the Free Games Feature. Secondly, there is also the presence of an appetizing paytable whose main prize is a whopping 10,000x line bet multiplier!

Emerald Falls – The Luck of the Irish

Emerald Falls is an Irish themed slot game which is as simple as it is stunning. Coming with an Irish theme, players playing this online slot machine can expect to find lots and lots of the colour green. The slot (background graphics) is set against a backdrop of a light blue sky with an overhanging rainbow and undulating green hills and trees. The stunning earthly green landscape is beautiful cut by a brown footpath. On the reels, players can expect to encounter some incredibly designed symbols which include a rare green gemstone, a stunning waterfall and the game logo icon.

The beauty of the Emerald Falls slot game is not just limited to the game graphics but it extends also to the game payouts and bonus features. Players playing this online slot machine can expect to pocket some really cool rewards each time they match three or more symbols of the same nature on an active payline. The game uses the multiplier pay feature on the paytable meaning that the higher the bet amount the player wagers with, the higher the payouts the player stands to win.

When it comes to the bonus features, there are a number of bonus features to look forward to. First, there are the random bonus reels which give the player more chances of landing wild combinations. Secondly, there is the Free Games feature where the player stands a chance of winning up to 50 free games.

The beauty of the Free Games Feature is that every win is tripled! Last but not least there is the Waterfall Bonus Game. The Waterfall Bonus Game is primarily a pick ‘em game in which the player has to pick one out of three symbols in order to reveal a hidden cash reward. Emerald Hills slot game has five reels and 50 paylines of Irish luck.

Dragon Spin – Fiery Slots Wins

Dragon Spin as one can tell from the title is a slot game which has something to do with dragons. The beauty of this online slot machine largely lies in the bonus features that it comes with. However, before we start looking at the bonus features, let’s take some time to appreciate the brilliant work that Bally did in developing the graphics of this slot. In the background, players will see a standard patterned blue wall, however, it is the symbols on the reels that make Dragon Spin an aesthetically pleasing slot game.

On the reels, players will encounter different dragons on different coloured backgrounds as well as intricately designed traditional card symbols. Away from the game graphics, let’s move on to the bonus features. In total, the Dragon Spin slot has five bonus features. The first one is the Mystery Stacked Reels feature which is randomly triggered at the start of a spin. Second, there is the Free Spins Feature which is triggered when three bonus symbols (green gems) pop up on reels two, three and four.

Upon triggering the Free Spins Feature, the player will be asked to spin a wheel so as to determine the free spins mode he will play. The first mode is the Raining Wilds mode where five free spins are awarded. In this mode, at least 10 wilds will pop up on every spin! The second mode is the Persisting Wilds mode where five free spins are awarded. In this mode, all wilds that pop up on the reels will remain sticky until the end of the feature.

With each spin, the number of wilds that land on the reels increases with a maximum of seven landing on every spin. The last mode is the Reel Blast where five free spins are awarded. In this mode, paylines are increased to 90. Dragon Spin has five reels and 30 paylines of fantasy slots enjoyment.

CLUEDO Spinning Detectives – Great Bonuses

It’s all about the bonus features when it comes to CLUEDO Spinning Detectives. However, before we explore the highly appealing bonus features, lets first start by appreciating the game graphics another aspect which makes CLUEDO Spinning Detectives a must play slot game. Based on the Cluedo board game where players take on the classical role of ‘Sherlock’ in trying to solve crimes, players playing this slot will find that the background graphics are a ‘copy’ of the board game.

On the reels, players will encounter different game characters as well as CLUEDO icons. When it comes to the bonus features (features which make CLUEDO Spinning Detectives an incredible slot game), players will find out that the slot has three highly enterprising bonus rounds. The first one is the Rooms Bonuses Feature. This feature is triggered whenever a room icon appears on the reels.

Once triggered, the reels will change colour to match the particular colour of the room that the player has unlocked. The player will receive one free spin and activates one specific bonus. The specific bonuses include the Conservatory (triggered when the room icon lands on reel one), Billiard Room (triggered when the room icon lands on reel two), Library (triggered when the room icon lands on reel three), Kitchen (triggered when the room icon lands on reel four), and the Dining Room (triggered when the room icon lands on reel five).

Secondly, there is the Free Games Feature which is triggered when the player lands at least three bonus symbols. Lastly, there is the Spinning Detectives Bonus where the player plays a pick ‘em game in order to reveal hidden rewards. CLUEDO Spinning Detectives has five reels and 40 paylines of excitement.

Thunderhorn – Exotic Animal Fun

Perfection is a quality that many strive for but only a few achieve. One of the few games that managed to achieve perfection is Thunderhorn, a Bally powered slot game which aptly demonstrates the experience and expertise of Bally in creating great slots. In all facets, Thunderhorn slot is simply stunning. When it comes to the game graphics, the slot employs awesome graphics hence there is no need to say more.

The game has a jungle theme hence players playing this slot can expect to encounter big rhinoceros, tigers, traditional carved bowls and drums among many other tribal tools. In terms of profitability, Thunderhorn has one incredible bonus round plus it comes with a massive 1,024 ways to win which means every combination is virtually a winning combination.

The only bonus round in this game is the Free Spins Feature where players at first get awarded 8 to 20 free spins depending on the triggering symbols they land. However, the beauty of the free spins is that players can retrigger them infinitely. Thunderhorn has five reels of exotic animal slots action.

Lady Robin Hood – For the Girls

Robin Hood is one of the most famous English folktales which talks about the life of an outlaw who fought with the authorities after finding out that his land had been arbitrarily taken by the state in his absence. The folktale has a male protagonist but in this highly innovative slot, Bally decides to create a Robin Hood slot with a feminine taste hence ‘Lady’ Robin Hood. There are a lot of things which make Lady Robin Hood a great slot apart of course from the unique theme.

First of all, there is the presence of exquisite graphics which brilliantly accentuate the theme of this online slot game. Additionally, there is also the presence of two highly enterprising bonus features. The first feature is the Arrow Mystery Wild feature.

This feature is randomly triggered, once activated, Lady Robin Hood will fire arrows onto the reels. Each arrow that lands inside a reel position will transform the symbol occupying that reel position into a wild. Secondly, there is the Free Spins Feature where players are awarded an initial 10 free spins. Lady Robin Hood has five reels and 40 paylines of adventure.

Vegas Hits – You Know it’s Good

Based in Nevada itself, it would have been a huge surprise if Bally in its 50-year history had failed to come up with a Vegas-themed slot. Vegas is the most populated city in the state of Nevada, however, that on its own is not the reason why it’s a must for Bally to have a Vegas themed slot. The reason why it’s a must for Bally to have a Vegas themed slot is that Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world, the place where most of the world’s gambling action takes place.

As such, as a way of paying tribute to the most attractive (gambling wise) city in the state it hails from, Bally decided to create Vegas Hits. Bally certainly took its time in creating Vegas Hits as can be seen from the excellent graphics that this slot comes with. The most appealing thing about this slot, however, pertains to the bonus rounds. The bonus rounds include the Bonus Wheel Feature and the Money Wheel Feature. Vegas Hits slot game has five reels and 40 paylines of Vegas action.

Super Rise of Ra – Egyptian Slots Fun

Super Rise of Ra is an ancient Egyptian slot game from Bally. This online slot game is based on one of the most popular ancient Egyptian myth (or fact depending on how you take it) which says that each time an Egyptian god died, he was buried in a tomb alongside all of his belongings including also all of his wealth. As such, when spinning the five reels of this online slot machine, the player will be virtually transported to Egypt where he will explore the authenticity of the myth.

To make this slot a stunning game, Bally employed a number of innovative strategies. First, the game developer used some brilliant graphics which brilliantly accentuate the theme of the game. Second, the game developer incorporated highly lucrative payouts on the game’s pay table, the highest of which is a cool 200,000 coins awarded to the player when he lands five scarab beetles in a row. Third, the game developer incorporated a progressive jackpot feature.

Super Rise of Ra has four progressive jackpots that can be hit at random by the player. Last but certainly not least, Bally also added a few bonus rounds that make the game absolutely thrilling i.e. the Mystery Stacked Reels Feature, Radiating Wilds Feature and the Free Games Feature. To make the lot even more enterprising, Bally ensured that players can choose the volatility they want when playing this online slot.

Michael Jackson King of Pop 

Michael Jackson King of Pop is one of the very first branded slot games to be developed by Bally. As such, when playing this game, players can expect to encounter some symbols which were commonly used and worn by the late King of Pop as well as hear some of the greatest hits from MJ. What makes this game an absolute must play game is the incorporation of exquisite graphics which brilliantly accentuate the theme of this slot.

The background graphics depict a brightly lit stage. Apart from the game graphics, this online slot machine also comes with a nice assortment of bonus rounds which add to the fun and profitability of the slot. First, there is the Wheel Bonus feature. In the Wheel Bonus Feature, players stand to win cash prizes, multipliers, or free spins.

The free spins come in two packages i.e. the Beat It Free Spins (10 free spins awarded and all wilds that land on the reels remains sticky until the end of the feature) and the Smooth Criminal Free Spins (5 free spins and at least two reels will be completely wild during the feature).

Second, there is the Moonwalk Wilds Feature. This feature is triggered randomly and when it does, MJ will walk across the reels and in his wake, he leaves a trail of wild symbols. Lastly, there is the Stacked Wilds Feature which is also randomly triggered. This feature will see two reels transform completely into wild reels. Michael Jackson King of Pop has five reels and 25 paylines of moon walking action.

Titanic – Slots on the Rocks

Titanic is another branded slot game from Bally which also ranks as one of the earliest branded slot games to come from the game developer. Without question, the theme of this online slot game is the major appealing feature of this slot. What makes the theme even more appealing is the way in which the modern exquisite graphics used by Bally brilliantly accentuate the theme making the game an aesthetically appealing slot.

On the reels, players can expect to encounter some of the main characters from the movie, Titanic including the dynamic duo of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. Apart from the theme and game graphics, Titanic slot game also comes with a nice assortment of bonus rounds, something which makes this slot highly profitable.

The bonus rounds include the Jake’s Drawing Mystery Feature, the Mystery Jackpots feature where players stand to hit either the Mini or Maxi Jackpots, the Wheel Feature (where players stand to trigger mini-bonus games which are the Make it Count feature, Heart of the Ocean feature, Pick Up feature and the Safe feature), the Mystery Wilds feature as well as the Mystery Double Wilds feature. This online slot machine has five reels and 25 paylines of iceberg adventure.

About Bally Tech For Dummies

Founded in 1968, Bally Technologies is a Nevada based gaming company which is a subsidiary of Scientific Games (subsidiary since 2014). Established as a slot manufacturer, Bally Technologies till this day is primarily a slot manufacturer though now it also provides casino management systems.

During its early days, Bally Technologies just like most other game developers during that time focused on manufacturing mechanical slot machines. However, with the advent of the internet at the turn of the millennium, Bally was one of the very first game developers to migrate to online gaming as it started rolling out online slot machines.

Bally Tech Slots Summary

When it comes to its products, Bally is versatile, diverse and innovative. Bally creations consist of all types of slot games from classic 3 reel slots to modern 5 reel video slots. Not only this but Bally creates slots that cut across different themes and genres with excitement that thrills casino players. Many of these game we mention can be played at the Quick Hit Casino on FB or from our suggested Bally online casinos.

** Please Note: Many of these Bally games that we mention above or similar slot games may be available to play on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows device, PC or Mac. Just take a peek at our FREE GAMES PAGE HERE. **

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