10 Top Asian Inspired Free or Real iPad, Android & iPhone Slot Apps

When it comes to slot games, there is one game collection which is undoubtedly the biggest collection (theme wise) i.e. Asian themed slots. Virtually, all game developers have a section exclusively reserved for Asian themed slot games. The reason behind this is simply because many players prefer playing slots that come with an orient theme. This is as a result of many having family roots back to Asia be it family related or simply just the exotic feeling of playing an Asian themed game.

By now, we now know that many casino players prefer Asian themed slots and we also know why this is the case, as such, lets now go a step further to look at some of the top Asian themed slots that are in the market right now. Just note though that most of the games covered here are mobile compatible hence one can enjoy all of them on mobile devices including those running on iOS and Android operating systems. Some you will need to install an app and some you can play direct from your device.

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1. Gong Xi Fa Cai by IGT

Apart from the Chinese culture, all around the world, people celebrate New Year on 1 January each year. However, in China, the Chinese celebrate the New Year on a different date which is the 5th of February. Chinese ancestors were the ones who earmarked 5 February as their new year and since then, Chinese people from generation to generation have always stuck by this tradition.

In this IGT powered slot game, IGT pays tribute to the Chinese new year. As the Chinese New Year is the time for festivities, players spinning the reels of this online slot machine can expect to encounter a joyous, merrymaking and generous Chinese old man who is splashing precious gold coins all over the place. In addition, the old man after every spin does add a few dollars to the game’s four progressive jackpots.

The theme of this slot machine makes it an appealing Asian style genre slot game more so when one considers how the graphics employed by IGT brilliantly accentuate the theme. Other impressive features about the Gong Xi Fa Cai slot game pertain to the slot’s bonus rounds. In total, there are three bonus rounds which are the Free Spins Feature, the Multiplier Feature as well as the Dynamic Symbol Replacement Feature.

As briefly alluded to before, Gong Xi Fa Cai slot comes with four progressive jackpots which are the Mini, Minor, Major and Maxi jackpots. The beauty of these progressive jackpots is that they can be hit by all players regardless of the bet amount the player is wagering with. This slot machine has 5 reels and 50 paylines of eye popping colors.

2. Emperor’s Treasure by Aristocrat

For those who have had the pleasure of reading much about the Asian culture and history (or even those who follow and watch Asian movies), they probably know that Asia is a land of the emperors. Emperors largely possessed the same powers as those of Kings and Queens (in the western world). As such, due to their power and influence, Asian emperors did accumulate massive amounts of money and treasures, something which made them some of the richest people on earth!

In this Aristocrat powered slot game, players will be introduced to one such emperor. The beauty of this emperor is that he is generous and as such, the player stands a chance of receiving some excellent treasures when spinning the slot’s five reels. This in addition to the game’s exquisite graphics makes Emperor’s Treasure a must play slot game for all lovers of Asian themed slot games.

As is the norm when it comes to Aristocrat powered slot games, Emperor’s Treasure slot does come with a Free Games Feature. Moreover, the slot also has two special symbols; the first one is the scatter which is represented by the TNT symbol and then there is the wild symbol which is represented by the fire-spitting dragon face.

The beauty of the wild symbol is that it is designed in a 3×3 grid design hence when it pops up on the reels, it will cover 3 rows of three reels. Essentially, this means whenever the wild lands on the reels, the player wins the wild payout! This online slot machine has five reels of Asian flavors.

3. Moon Festival by Aristocrat 

We have already seen how things are a bit different in Asia (particularly China) in comparison to the rest of the world; namely, the Chinese celebrate the New Year on a different date and they call their leader’s emperors instead of kings/queens. If you thought these were the only differences, then you were mistaken.

While in the western world people celebrate Thanksgiving, in China and other parts of Asia, citizens celebrate the Moon Festival. Just like Thanksgiving, the Moon Festival is a time for people to hang out with family and friends while enjoying moon cakes under the bright ‘lights’ of the moon.

While spinning the reels of this slot game, players can expect to encounter common tools and symbols that are used during the Moon Festival including the traditional Chinese lanterns. Apart from the unique theme of this online slot machine, players will be glad to hear that this slot also comes with a Free Games Feature (as to be expected with all Aristocrat titles). Moon Festival slot game comes with five reels and fifty paylines of Orient themed fun.

4. Jewel of the Arts by IGT

Many people wonder as to what to expect when they make a foray into Asia. They wonder if the Asian landscape is similar to that of Europe and the Americas or if it’s similar to the plains of Africa. If you have been wondering about such, then worry not as, in this online slot machine, you will get to see up close just how the Asian landscape is like.

With blossoming purple flowers providing the background graphics, players will be enchanted as they spin the reels. On the reels, players can expect to encounter different Asian tools as well as different Asian personalities from young Asian men, old Asian men to both the young and old Asian women. The brilliant graphics used in designing this slot game help in bringing out the true beauty of the game’s theme.

Just to add to the fun, IGT in this slot game decided to add a couple of bonus features. First, there is the Fan Dance Multiplier Feature. To trigger this feature, the player simply needs to land 2 of the Fan Dance icons simultaneously. Once done, the player will receive a 2x line bet multiplier to be applied to all wins thereafter until the player finishes his gaming session. Secondly, there is the Fan Dance Bonus.

To trigger this bonus, the player has to land three of the Fan Dance icons. The player will be awarded three free spins at first but does have the opportunity to retrigger more free spins. The beauty of this bonus is that during every spin, select reels will be completely wild! Jewel of the Arts slot game has five reels and twenty paylines of Exotic Asian slots fun.

5. Dragon’s Temple by IGT

In the East Asian culture, dragons are widely respected. This is because they symbolize different good things from power and strength to good luck. As such, when developing Asian themed slots, many software developers tend to focus more on this one part of Asian culture.

In this slot game, players are introduced to a temple where not just one but many dragons reside including other Asian animals such as fish. In this IGT powered slot game, players get to learn and see up close what the now extinct dragons used to look like. While the theme brilliantly accentuated by the exquisite graphics is the number one appealing factor of this online slot machine, there are also other factors which make Dragon’s Temple a good proposition for all slot players.

Most notably, there is the thing with the game’s payouts. Just for lining up five of the yin-yang symbols in a row, the player will win a cool 1,000 coins! Though the 1,000 coins are the payout for the highest paying symbol, players need to note that even the low-value icons in this slot also do payout quite nicely; for matching five of the traditional card symbols (any kind), the player stands a chance to win 200 coins!

To add to the fun, there are two bonus features in this slot game. Firstly, there is the expanding full reel wild feature which will see a wild expanding and covering all reel positions whenever it is part of a winning combination. Also, there is an enterprising Free Spins Feature. This feature is triggered when the player lands at least three yin yang icons.

When triggered, the player is given a chance of making a choice among three options (i) win 15 free spins with the third reel completely wild for the duration of the free spins feature (ii) win 10 free spins with reels 2 and 4 completely wild for the duration of the free spins feature or (iii) win 5 free spins with reels 1, 3 and 5 completely wild for the duration of the free spins feature. Dragon’s Temple slot has five reels and fifty paylines of pure Asian slots excitement.

6. Geisha by Aristocrat

In Japanese, a Geisha refers to a performing woman. A Geisha, in general, refers to women who are singers, dancers or those who are into art (drawing, painting and the like). Also, often times, Geishas are always dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. This Aristocrat powered slot game pays tribute to Geishas.

As such, when spinning the game’s five reels, players can expect to encounter different types of Geishas. What makes this online slot machine particularly impressive is not just the theme but rather, the way the theme is brilliantly accentuated by the game’s exquisite graphics.

Away from the theme, there are also other factors which make Geisha an attractive proposition for all players. Most notably, it’s the game’s profitability. The highest base game payout in this slot machine stands at a remarkable 9000x line bet multiplier! This prize is won when the player manages to land five wild icons on an active payline.

The Geisha does act as the wild symbol. Furthermore, there are two bonus features which are highly attractive that come with this online slot game. Firstly, there is the Free Spins Feature. To trigger this feature, the player needs to land at least three scatter symbols (aquatic gate icons). The beauty of this feature is that free spins can be retriggered and that all wins are tripled! Secondly, there is the Gamble Feature. This feature can only be activated after a win.

The Gamble Feature allows the player to either double or quadruple his previous win by simply predicting the colour or the suit of the card to be drawn next. Geisha slot has five reels and 25 paylines of iconic Aristocrat gaming action

7. Sumo Kitty by Bally

Sumo Kitty is a stunning game from Bally Technologies. Predominantly, this slot is an Asian themed slot (hence why it’s included on this list). However, apart from the Asian theme, this slot also does have ‘sub’ themes which help to make it a great game for all. The Asian theme is brought out by the Sumo Kitty herself as well as the other symbols on the reels.

This slot also does feature a wrestling theme in that Sumo Kitty is a wrestler who is depicted in the background graphics standing at the entrance of a wrestling arena. The fusion of these two themes in addition to the exquisite graphics employed by Bally help to make this online slot machine an irresistible offering.

Apart from the ‘themes’, there are other factors which make Sumo Kitty an appealing proposition. First and foremost, this slot does not have the standard payline structure as is the case with other slots. This, therefore, means that any combination in sight is a winning combination! In addition, there is also the provision of bonus features namely the Hot Zones and the Free Spins Feature. Sumo Kitty has five reels of pure Bally slots Asian fun.

8. 100 Pandas by IGT

Just like any other continent, there is a set of wildlife that is peculiar to Asia alone i.e. pandas. In simple terms, what this means is that when one wants to see pandas, the best place to visit is Asia. For many, a physical trip may be difficult to undertake owing to a number of challenges including limited resources. However, thanks to IGT and their creativity and innovation, we are happy to inform you that you can virtually travel to Asia and get to meet not one, not two, not three but 100 pandas!

Isn’t that lovely? In order to do that, players simply need to start spinning the five reels of this Asian themed slot. This game’s brilliant graphics will mesmerize the player with the result being that the player will be glued to the screen of his device for hours.

Away from the game graphics, players can also look forward to the highly generous Free Spins Feature where the player stands to win unlimited free spins (10 spins at the start but possible to retrigger them infinitely for as long as three or more scatters keep popping up during the feature). 100 Pandas slot has five reels and 100 paylines of IGT Asian thrills.

9. China River by Bally

China River is another slot game which allows players to be virtually transported to the beautiful continent of Asia. The difference with this Bally powered slot is that players will not be transported to the jungles of Asia to see wild animals but they will be transported to Asia’s most famous river i.e. China River.

Once transported, players will be able to engage in different activities including fishing. Note though that when you have visited China River virtually in this slot, you will not be able to fish and catch fish but you will be able to fish and cash some excellent monetary prizes.

Graphically, China River is one of the best Asian themed slots that players can come across and it is this reason which necessitated China River to find its way onto our list. Apart from the theme, the other appealing feature of this slot is the enterprising Free Spins Feature. In this feature, players stand a chance of winning 15 free spins which they can retrigger. China River slot game has five reels and 30 paylines of Chinese themed slots thrills.

10. So Much Sushi by Microgaming

Well, it would have been a travesty of justice if we were to conclude our list without mentioning the one thing which has made Asia a highly popular destination i.e. sushi. Sushi is an Asian dish of Japanese origin. The beauty of sushi is that it is a dish which can be seasoned in a variety of ways; one can have it sweet, mild, or hot.

In this slot game which pays homage to one of the world’s most celebrated dish; players playing this game can expect to encounter all types of sushi dishes from the sweet ones to the hot ones! Just match three or more of the same kind and a handsome reward will come your way. Away from the theme, players playing this slot can also look forward to two highly generous bonus features namely the Much More Sushi Bonus and the Free Spins Feature. So Much Sushi has five reels and 25 paylines of Asian food themed slots excitement.

Why Players Love Asian Themed Slot Games

Asian themed slot games cut across different periods in history as well as culture. With Asia boasting of one of the world’s richest culture, it, therefore, means that there is just so much to cover when it comes to the Asian culture. Just to put this into perspective, game developers when creating slot games based on the Asian culture can focus on things such as geishas, ninjas, Asian cuisine, dragons, and the concepts of luck and fortune among many others.

Not just this but in recent times, game developers are also being inspired by Asian TV productions such as the incredible stories of Bruce Lee and other iconic Asian personalities in their slot games.

Closing Thoughts

Probably Aristocrat has the largest collection of Asian slot games available for both land and online casino players, they have more than one hundred titles thus far. Some of their great Asian genre pokies (slots) worth playing for free or real money include: 5 Dragons, Lucky 88, Golden Peach, Dragon Reign, 5 Frogs, Asian Princess, Choy Sun Doa, Peacock Princess, Autumn Moon, Fortune Firecracker, Nu Xia Red Blade, Dragon of the Eastern Ocean, Panda Magic, Golden Festival, Nu Xia Green Blade, 5 Koi, Spring Festival, Happy and Prosperous, Fortune King and 3 Emperors.

IGT, Konami, Bally, Star Games, Novomatic, Ainsworth and WMS would have several hundred titles between them in the Asian slot game genre.

** It’s your lucky day today as many of these Asian genre slot games that we mention above are available to play for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows device with or without an app, or on your PC or Mac. Just take a peek at our FREE games page here. **

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